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palet moutardi 04.06.2006 :

The company begins to work with clients not only at regional level but also at the national level. Moutardi SRL decides to increase production capacity and doubling the number of employees. Moutardi is looking for new solutions for a more efficient production for pallets and europallets.

14.10.2006 :

The company acquired a technology more modern for pallets production which allowed to decrease prices by 10%
17.11.2006 :

The management decided to build a web site to facilitate communication with customers on the Internet

23.02.2007 :

Moutardi SRL decide to collaborate with intermediation companies and to increase production capacity for the current year with 50-80%.

20.01.2008 :

Production capacity is increased from 4000 pallets / europallets per month to 10,000 pallets / europallets per month

15.03.2008 :

Mouardi SRL will start the activities of export pallets and europallets for EU countries.

03.09.2008 :

Production capacity of the company was increased to 15,000 pallets per month. The total supply capacity was increased to 25,000 pallets / europallets per month by establishing relationships with other manufacturers of pallets and europallets in the regional area.

20.10.2008 :

For next year, 2009, our company, SC MOUTARDI SRL, will start the process of obtaining a license EPAL / EUR in the production of pallets for companies that will require this standard.

We focus our activity of sale pallets and europallets on seriousness, premptitude and flexible prices for our clients.

Production of PALLETS
Our company offers 4 size standardized of pallets. Our clients can choose from 5 preset patterns of pallets or may require an offer by its size depending on needs Comment

Production of EUROPALLETS
We provide to our customers Europallets at EUROSTAS size, as well in this case, the client can request a bid of pallets by size and according to their needs. Comment

Production of TIMBER
One of secondary activities for Moutardi SRL is the production of timber and pallet elemnts at request of our clients. Comment